Monday, October 10, 2016

Why Allowing P3s Into Our System Is Like Baring Your Ass For A Spartan With A Large Spear

   I voted against P3s when I moved back to Regina after living in Calgary for several months, but
not being able to afford a basement apartment in that city after all the hidden fees, extra taxes
and fraud allowed by business I came back, after quitting two jobs that did not pay me what they
told me they would. Later I would find out Brewsters, north on Shagannapi trail, Calgary did not eventually file their taxes correctly. And I was to find I could not afford my classes because they are allowed to remove student loans from your bank account without trial or any process, never mind due process.

    But when I came back in January 2001 it did not take 2 months for the phone company to disconnect my phone (as I was told it would by Calgary's main phone company which is not privatized but must provide service to those that are... for free thus slowing everything down). I did not have to pay for a 5 year drivers license that I must pay all at once. My car taxes insurance premiums never did go up to $2400 a year from around $300 because I was a young mail, and when you allow P3s into your system you allow them to change the law so that they can charge whatever they like if they feel a minority is at high risk to them. Never mind at that age many people want to start a family and can not afford a car and this endangers children. I have heard of 3 newborns dying solely because of the cold in Canada, and I am sure the statistics are staggering. But we don't care about that we are P3s! We can do what we like we don't care about anything! Unless it costs us money, and not only are we going to fuck you and your system up we now own your system and there is nothing you can do to change exactly how it works! 

    And that is just some of the specifics. Let me back off and say what I draw out of all of this, and some recent news that the Sask Party, who I will say I would never vote for, is blaming low government income and record high taxes for wanting to privatize one of the few phone companies that makes sense in this country. Of course those who have scammed Calgarians and other groups, waltz in here and spout their mouths off and try to make the scam look all pretty. But this is the proverbial horse you should look in the mouth of, before it is too late. Like it was for Calgary.
This is the central math that people are not aware of. When a group comes in and takes over, like the P3 that took over our water has, they no longer answer to the government, they no longer refund their income to the government, but pocket it. And then they will not upgrade infrastructure. And this is the part of the scam that really hurts because most naive voters, who are happy with a phone call telling them to vote “yes”... and not asking “hey isn't someone calling me to tell me how to vote illegal?” ends up going. They are not telling you to vote this way for your own good. It is because they are receiving kick backs and flat out bribes. Also that group that is not reducing your money, is making two people rich and those two people have no problem converting that money into bribes / extortion rackets / lawyers and lobbyists to fight the city.

    Add to this mess that comes in, not with one company but usually with more P3s, they will tell you that you can not change the law to make them pay to upgrade or fix, or even to use the infrastructure that they use. All changes, all upgrades made are now paid out of your taxes, the ones that are currently not being used except to reduce taxes in the rare case of upgrades.

    There are massive amounts of infrastructure upgrade needed, the old head of Regina City Water informed me before he quit his job due to me and others “constantly badgering him over bad water quality because the city refused to pay for the upgrades.” The old plant needs upgrades. Most of North Central and the older parts of the city, such as Cathedral and the Core need serious infrastructure upgrades, and the old work done in Hillsdale is rife with bad infrastructure done by shoddy contractors. A friend of mine, Steve McLellan found that the pipes leading into his home were made out of asphault wrapped in cardboard... something never approved by the city. And I hope this is not endemic of what that area looks like, but suspect it may be. 

    If the emergency “repairs” done to North Central last year, and then removed, are any sign of what is to come, what is to come is probably not good and I will be selling my home, and moving out of the country. Where this sort of thing and property values fluctuating between $80,000 and $700,000 for virtually the same thing are not an issue.

    So Sask Party, why would something that in the short term results in tax increases be used to lower taxes? If this is like your case of trying to find savings of $200M and only coming up with $2M, and are you just retarded or can you not pull out a calculator for 5 seconds and calculate what the cost of
your evil and Draconion measures will be on the electorate that hired you. If I hear about any more shoddy math, and name-calling over intellectual dialogue, and a systematically positive government ethics I will be calling to have your group dumped from parliament. I think you will be off the bill, and everyone's bill next election at the rate you are going. If you think that we will pay any of your bills from now into fortuity you are entirely wrong. And if you think further governments will stand for your ignorance and allow P3s to continue their dereliction and other evil actions uninhibited by the law, you are also wrong.

    The only option is that we get rid of P3s entirely and we bring in a required upgrade schedule. Every 50 or 80 years it needs a full overhaul in Regina and that should be implemented now, while only the old areas need upgrades. Although it is easy to go with a spend-thrift and go easy rate, giving the new areas a double vote in regards to changes because they are paying higher taxes, it is possible to miss the large picture in finding the reason for these high taxes already.

    I would also like my $50 a month back now that the Colleseum to Riderdom is built, and we are back to having a less than desirable team once again.

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