Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I am I who am I?  A dream, a possibility within a dream that is constantly confused and complicated by reality.  Before we are born are we told that there is a possibility we don't exist?  That there are rules one must abide by even if one does not want to.

A soul looking out from the beyond at every planet has time to choose a body, a dream, a destiny that it knows will be destroyed once it exits from the whole, full the mature digital soul.  It is perfect, yet unknown, everything at once, but nothing.  The everything in nothingness is us before we are the dream that commands that gets in line gets in cue to be born, is perhaps judged on its network within the probabilities of determinant reality, told what can be, who we are.  And the moment we are born each day we learn, grow become what we could only have imagined as a part of the infinite, the human soul, some call Chlerb, the human soul, the oversoul, God.

But what God exists, other than the root nature of man.  An ascetic can live the most pure life, judge not, yet make only the right and pure decisions.  Kill, because one has to to live.  Fight, because evil can not be beaten if it is not defeated, sometimes physically.  The purest soul might thus live far away from society in the mountains, yet find themselves driven to a sound body to derive a sound mind.
Yet how limited is life without the interaction driven by other souls?

Every Christian in the past has longed to be something other than human, yet found themselves voting, prejudged, every word they believed in taken out of context, and every truth ran over decade by decade at a time.

Every Muslim has held true to their faith, yet seen it destroyed by those that would sacrifice their fellow human beings for no other cause than faith.  A faith, like every faith tainted by the endless wars humanity finds itself stuck in.

Every pagan or Pagan, or ascetic and devoted follower of any religion has lived a virtuous life in their own faith, and been met by the scorn of lesser peoples with lesser minds.

Always an escape from the rules and structures of the world, in order to live a divine and pure life has been thwarted by the structure of our world, and the humanity of the humans in it.

There is a way past the carelessness of the Tora, of the Old Testament, of the Koran.  These are good rules for an old way of living.  But with the corruption of the world, we will soon seen it all over run by everything, by Moloch, by the Demon Greed made incarnate, by the endless corruption that is the pettiness of others driven by immorality, and inane compunctions for selfishness multiplied over and over by current social structures that have purported goodness, wealth, satiety and have provided myself and many others without that.

As one with an enlightened and visionary soul, I have lived a life beyond the norm, seen every extreme, and have been tempted by Greed, by The Alien Legion, by all we face in this world.  Yet, I have turned from it to decide my own fate by my own terms.  Often this has left me with less friends as there are many petty people who would love to take someone down and destroy the greatest, over their pettiness.  It is a demon in humans that wills one to all believe the same thing.  One should and must, as one is born in their hearts to know, be led by their own inner vision.

My heart sings.  My soul thrives.  I live on.  Yet I dream of a sentience beyond this, that others can ascend to my level of intellect and vision for the world.  Where all can love and be loved, and never be judged.  Where we can enter a virtual world where all illnesses are forgotten, where others bond, and form commun-ality and community.

VR (or Virtual Reality) Culture is coming fast, like a drug we will have to limit it each day.  But when it has arrived we will feel like we are limiting our interconnected-ness our full and total being, from living in a world and a structure where finances, where culture, all mean nothing.  A thought form a dream, a virtual world can be created in a second, whereas hearts can be broken in an instant on earth.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Hungering Boat of Gaming -- a Satire

Something funny that I wrote today, and thought I'd share.

The Hungering Boat of Gaming

The game is canceled,
Oh woe am I to have lost the boat
what long yon wondering shore have I traveled down
upon this road of hungering tortuous misery!

I had a bag of gems before me,
as in a dream but now all that I could stand upon
what heights to reach for 5d6 upon the heavenly shore
have been lost to me!

Oh marvel have I at the marvelous universe
as if we were superheroes destined for our roles to play.
But yet forget me not, it shall be a flower to pin
upon my breast with vessels of times that were not to be.

How many have fallen before the mighty sword
or rolled upon the floor, like dice
the head's of the gallant's bane?!
Yet betide such misery
the times are young, good Yoric
I shall place thee upon the shelf
along with my vestments and tapestries
the dice, the figurines, the books, the paper
and the Mountain Dew, the cheese to melt upon my tongue.

Yet, this day shall not beshrew all of misery,
I dream of heaven and its wide arms open wide
to all who have gamed before and ever will,
and all the mighty characters in times of yore.

Bold blue Bahumat belike a bitching Buddha
But do not strike me down!
Nay while life is just a blink in the cosmos,
The dice will roll again!
Though the game today is dead,
and I must lay my sword down by my side
to rest, too long, to lay astride the horse
that destiny may yet bestride it's comeuppance upon the course of day
to save all that has been made short of the file
and strike villainous fate and misery a fell blow lo!

Though next time we meet we shall play...
the game more planned shall win the day
Long live the Day of Game!

The cancelled game day will one day be but a memory
in a tome of old shrouded under dust behind lock
and key within an ancient crypt which too
shall meet the dust of tombs and kings,
never to rise again but in the mists
of poetry and the blink of the dice.

Marvel Superhero Universe we love you
and shall yet game upon thy dainty bits
and taste the feasting morsel;
suck out the marrow of the day again.

-- Zombie Mike

                                                                        Jan 22, 2015

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Cheapening Of Oral Tradition

I have been thinking lately of all the wonderful stories that my grandparents would tell me as a child for bedtime stories, and at other times.  I miss these stories and legends.  I just saw Handsel and Gretel which reminded me of an old story I'd like to reprise that went like this...


What if the Christmas tale was as simple as:
Claus stood upon the rise, staff in hand, and asked the Gatekeeper, "May I pass?"
"No, but I can sell you a Christmas card for $5.99 will that do?"
And what if there were more legends and tales to tell, about Santa, and his role in bringing gifts to humankind.

The Cheapening of Oral Tradition

   (c) 2013

         Upon the stony rise the legendary warrior near met his match, such was the howling wind, and the banshee fury from the north whose chill touch virtually tore the life from his human skin.  Claus (pronounced: Clow +ss) was a warrior, and a man of legend.  And he was a man and a mission and would not let ice, nor sleet, nor snow stop his climb up the steep cliff.  Yet this was the only pass that led into the Vale of Winter's Night beyond for many many miles.
         He trode forward pushing his virtuous and virile face to the wind.  It had been Summer from the land he had come from.  In his hand the mighty staff of Sigdis, that the sage of his hamlet had leant him.  He had been young when he had started his path, beyond the rises of Krodor, near the beautiful Homlin's Vale.  It was indeed the most scenic place in all the lands of the One Kingdom. 
         At last he came upon the gate, and found a tale figure standing nearby.  Neither man nor woman, young nor old.  The large figure with spidery fingers stood, guarding the way to the warrior's fate.
   Before Claus could say a word the stranger figure spoke.  His voice boomed through the land in a deep bass, yet fingers of a wise humanity also echoed through its strange music.  "Who is it that comes."
         "It is I, Claus, warrior of Homlin Vale."
         "And why, should I let you pass, Claus?  I know all things so do not lie to me?"
         "Who are you then, that I should answer you?"
         "I am the guardian to this gate to the kingdom.  And if you don't answer truthfully I will see to it that you shall never face."
         Claus ran his fingers over the surface of his enchanted staff.  Brute force might teach this sappy spiderling a lesson, yet diplomacy, he had found was a sweeter brew to suckle on.
         Claus answered, "I am Claus, a warrior.  I have come because an ancient legend told me that I must face the Ice Queen in the land's past Kordor, past Kingdom of the Shade, I might find the Vale of Winter's Night, that leads to the lands beyond."
         "The legends do not speak of a battle."
         "'I wish that my lands must always remain winter,' The Good King, Weincelaus told me. "And thus he sent me force to destroy that fell Witch whose icy hands clutch my land in ice and snow, and all life is turned to death when her dark embrace falls upon my land."
         "Not all die.  Humans do not."
         "Yet we must suffer.  No seeds may be sown, the bitter winds make it almost impossible to travel, we must burn fires that harm our lungs.  And the cold is most unbearable we would all say."
         "And you think defeating her will stay this plague upon your lands?"
         "Yes it will, and by defeating her I will increase my lot, and win the hand of a fair maiden."
         "Yes, certainly a maiden will you fall for.  And how do you know I am not in league with those beyond."
         "Those beyond would not bar the icy pass that will suck the life out of most mortal men.  The path so far has been a battle.  I would expect all who enter might die, as only dark things leave the entrance."
            "It is not as cold in there as Canada, but it is quite cold.  And you speak sagely.  I keep things out.  But you I will let in, if only in time to be defeated."
         Even as the guardian moved to let him through the gate, Claus spat upon the ground,  "The orcish knaves that dogged my path, near Krondor did I slay them.  And the wolves have harangued me on the way.  Yet I have been led in day by the morning's light, and in night by the light of the moon.  So I have had my allies thus far.  I don't need you or your league of temperance."
         "No, the bottle will be your sage if you enter there.  But mayhap something good will come of your demise, and so I will let you through."
         "You are the strangest to think I would die without a fight."
         "I will not fight you, certainly."  There was a mild howl in the wind, and I took that for a chuckle.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The album has been unleashed!

Yes, at long last Cyurus Razor's album is out!  (aka the author of this site) I know for those who have followed this campaign through the foothills it has been a long process, and it certainly was for me to. This album has been a challenge and a joy to produce. It has brought up tears and pain, and a very long time of introspection and self-realization for me. But I hope it will bring you the joy of a good listen.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Looting The Dragon: Prohibition And The Real World

Looting the dragon’s treasure before the adventure begins (How the Saskatchewan and Band governments are allowing Draconian Measures before fully considering what leads to the problems.)  Alcoholism is not so easy to defeat as a simple swipe of the hand, there are far deeper problems to take into account, and laws that have been dictatorial and heavy-handed often hurt as much as they help.

I’ve had some heated debates recently with some who think that b/c of the problem with alcoholism on reserves it is good that a local one has approved this.  I call this in terms of D&D or your favourite FRPG of choice “looting the dragon’s loot before doing the adventure and even knowing there is a dragon or monsters involved”.  The monsters of course being the problems on the road to a solution.  Simply saying “you can’t drink” and passing a law does not solve anything.  Even if the law was followed, which doesn’t make sense to an alcoholic with transportation, and denying the constitutional challenges which could easily come of it (as these measures were never fully supported in Saskatchewan).  People don’t drink because it’s legal or illegal they drink because they are depressed.  They go to parties and continue drinking, realizing they are momentarily happy, and got something of what they were looking for, however short term the “bliss” may be.  Then they continue drinking later.  This however misses the point, in a fashion similarly short-sighted to the draconian laws being instituted on reserves today.

Let’s write up some characters, and open up the adventure then.  Stealing the loot from an unseen dragon will be our doom, but nevertheless let’s attempt this fool’s quest!   If you deal with the “goblins and ghouls” ( otherwise known as problems) in a normal order and the experience needed to finally defeated the “lord of the dungeon” in this case a dragon, it will not only make so much more sense it will prevent said dragon from eating each and every member of the party (not saying there will be no losses along the way).  Anything worth doing in life is risky.  It’s a packaged deal.

The problems on reserves are multifold: lack of good year-round work and education, intolerant social attitudes, and rising costs are barriers to people living full lives.  Gangs, and drug-use are also an issue.  There are frequent news reports of poor and unsanitary water quality, mines leaching into the ground, lack of full health care, frequent solvent and gas abuse, climate change, and such.  Of course there are many plus sides: it doesn’t have to contend with urban squalor, its scenic, there is less discrimination on a reserve.  Federal funding has been reported as improving prior to the current government, if slowly.

Why prohibitionism never works:

Recently I’ve had some heated debates about dry states, and counties, and reserves etc.  Did you know Jack Daniels main plant is in a dry state?!!   I’ve had some years to research, and debate with others the pros and cons of prohibition-style idealism.  Not hard to come up with this kind of topic of discussion , when you leave a stone’s throw from from Moose Jaw, which provided Chicago, and much of the Northern “dry” US with alcohol during the original prohibition era 100 years ago.  A time that had been heatedly debated and argued over, and is widely considered a total flop, and has been for a century for history enthusiasts.  The US FDA spends over a billion US a year on efforts to curb drug use.  And drug use is on the rise.  Although I don’t have the pertinent Canadian numbers I think it would be fair to say that our government has been similarly effective in putting an end to the problem by skipping out on the 27 dungeon rooms in the adventure.  Which is to say: not at all!

So even if alcohol was not being smuggled in, and was not available a hop skip and a jump away… it seems a lost cause.  Yet, all is not for naught intrepid adventurers: since you have come this far on your journey, then you may get to at least gaze upon those buried treasures available only after killing the dragon.  If you are careful enough you may sneak up on the dragon in its sleep, thus getting a surprise attack, with all the cumulative bonuses accrued.

If we can bring people closer together, and ignore the simple rules of servitude that kept our forefathers down, and fighting wars forever we can realize that with better access to modern tech, as well as a strong social structure and backbone about defending Indian, women’s and peoples rights in general.  If we stand up to big business and big government gluttony and put the power back into the hands of the people who build our society, we will conquer much in the end.  It is a hard and a dark path being a human, but with our intrepid and dedicated spirit we will move on into the future more aware and self-realized.  And not having given into the simple lust to govern without any semblance of sensibility that is so often lacking in the sorry social and political climate of the day.

In this day and age of great tech, and big government it is easy to forget the original goal of all these institutions: to keep people, free, and happy, and living life productively.  If our rules don’t help these, these are pacts with demons not to be entered into, in my opinion.  I think prohibition is a bad idea, all told, and only leads to illegal, and unconstitutional laws, with a great tendency toward fundamentalism.  More private and public spending on real issues, not on things no one gives a damn about should save the day.  Even if it is a wild path, strewn with difficulties.  It is the only sensible path in the end.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Up And At 'Em!

I have a new round of stories going out this month, so far no love from publishers, on my best 2 short stories.  I’m throwing together a “cowboys and aliens” western story… like the movie, not the pulp magazines.  I’m having a blast with this sub-genre hidden and inveigled by the double-meaning of the writing trade.

Also I finished off 6 pro-level songs last week.  And I’m very proud of it.  I really got into the whole H.G. Wells Time Machine soundtrack thing and envisioned the deep dark culture of the Morlocks, and how it would sound deep and hollow to us, yet like love to them.  Foreign and profane, yet there is a part of all of us that would love to hide in a deep dark hole and work all day for our mentors. . . well maybe not that.  Lol!   But there is a reclusive part of all of us that acknowledges the craziness of that thought, and how it would split humanity in two if we lived in our little caves all day long.  They are part of a current contest on which has had some very prestigious contests with great prizes in the past.

The tunes can be heard on my acidplanet site:

Yeah, it would be nice to be post-human, not sure I'd choose to be a Morlock or an Eloi though... I think I'd rather be a technocrat, and end up fat an beautiful more like something out of cyberpunk, or a funny cartoon where robots do everything for us.  I think it would end up more cyberpunk in real life, but hopefully a resolution could be found eventually... the corps would eventually have to die out through some force of revolution and enlightenment in this model, something I deal with thematically in the novel I'm slowly editing at the moment.  I'm not sure time travel will be easily possible, but I take the view it is, and it gets very dark and gritty fast... like a spy movie squared perhaps.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Notes On The Beginning Of The End

      An Era Of Political Change

      Woke up today thinking about the dirty thirties.  Had some kind of dream that I don’t quite remember about living through that time, interviewing people for some kind of documentary.  Not sure that documentary ever got made, but I’m pretty sure the decades leading up to it looked a lot like our times right now.
      So here’s what that documentary would look like then.  I’ll let you decide the results, and leave it as unbiased as I can.  Just the facts, my man, just the facts.
      It was time when everyone was broke.  Even big banks were going under regularly, and in the crashes of the late 1920s people had invested far too much money, whole businesses into the stocks.  They were over-inflated, and gave way to faulty market mechanics that kept thinking that every decade had to boom.  In truth there are floods, famines and wars.  Every decade does not always supply more income – and capital for re-investment.  And not every sector, or person is affected in the same way.  Some suffer far more, and there are many “canaries in the mineshaft” that call out before the toxic gas overwhelms the system.  And we all die, or must be faced with a new world war – or its equivalent to pull us out of our “time of financial crisis”.
We have many people out of work, and various movements arising.  One that says every ivy-league educated person has the right to be a millionaire and make ten times what their parents did – and to make their millions.  Another says that the social welfare system is failing, and people aren’t making what they used to on it.  And another that says workers aren’t making what they used to, the top 10!% or 5% or whatever it is ruins it for all of us.  (I think it’s more like 0.01%  A dozen families run Canada, no joke).  And they put together this “occupy movement”.  There are riots, even in Canada.  People blow them off as “sporting related” but who was there on the ground?  And can we know in this time when propaganda and media control are managed ever more carefully because of the speed of information travel.
      People were mad, and they demanded change from poorest to richest, women and men were fired up.  They were receiving little money, and there were no jobs to be had.  Debts had been extended as far as they could be.  And the whole thing was a damn mess.  Various political platforms that had tried to address the issue with make work camps, and strange labour laws had been seen to have failed in the public eye.  Many wanted to just hide their heads in their sand…  And others wanted to fight, even if protesting was more frowned on then than it is today.
      The NDP was formed in this kind of an inferno.  In 1932 the CCP (Canadian Communist Party) moved forward and became less radicalized; finding more voter support for a democratic platform it developing into the CCF (Co-operative Commonwealth Foundation) (circa 1932).  And the New Democratic Party (NDP) won their first victories under Tommy Douglas.  Eventually these pioneers joined up with the CLC (Canadian-Labour-Congress) to re-brand as the current popular left NDP in 1956.  This whole movement that is concerned with labour, civil rights, human rights, gender equality, and other left of center ideals came out of a time when millionaires were bankrupted and ridiculed, their wives left them if they could, but whole families were pulled under when the “breadwinner” went down.  Bread itself was scarce, the droughts were huge.  But this downfall affected more than just North America.  Even in Europe there were many social problems…     
      In Canada it was very severe.  The Regina Riots have been re-visited in published works by writers (including myself) who looked at the cause and consequences of the “On To Ottawa” trek that saw many impoverished men and women who could not feed their families band together in protest.  Even with minimal government assistance they could not make ends meet, and if they could there was no end in sight, no optimism.  The average debt load was very low as credit cards had not been manufactured.  But while wall street bankers were literally throwing themselves out of windows the news on the ground was at least as band.  No one wanted to deal with it, though they were capable workers they had a government without vision.
      People without incomes gave up on the government.  Even the educated could not find loopholes in the arguments that had last the generations since the last Great Depression at the beginning of the 1810s.  All should work out if what they held dear to was true.  But projected sales were far ahead of real sales.  Because everyone had banked on growth, when the growth was slow the rest of the framework began to slip.
      Recently many major banks have pulled out.  We have had our own “Black Friday” and while some governments (such as the Harper Conservatives) say their country is doing well, and most others say that we are in a depression and have been for years.
      Our old numbers were thrown out.  And the banks folded.  But now the average debt for a Canadian is over $100,000 and climbing.  Paying that off at 4% could cost more than $4,000 a month.  Even with banks sometimes stepping in to lower payment rates people who are paying more interest than they are earning will literally never get out of that whole.
      Some of it is because of the rise of women in the workplace, and shifting moral ground.  Much of it has been caused by sheer greed.  Twenty years ago when you stepped into a church the church leader would speak about various kinds of greed and jealousy as being evil… sins or vices… id you were mainstream Christian or Catholic.  While this can be thrown in with hatred of gays, and hatred of other racial or ethnic groups by the simple follower… and an obvious progression.  To those of us who have studied philosophy, religion, moral thought seriously a love of Greed can not and will never be a good thing overall.  It has its moments.  People need to be fed.  But to force others… say an entire community to go hungry is vulgar and profane to all.  Currently this happens frequently, and it will continue happens in this millenia of recurrent economic depressions.  They had them hundreds of years ago.  Yet they don’t get better if anything they seem to grow worse.
      And how to pull out of this?  Certainly following an old mold that has been broken, and following it repeatedly is the textbook definition of insane.  Surely we need to look back at this math and see why so many greedy, good, honest, people who wanted to get vulgarly rich, humble, Christian, power-hungry, god-fearing, salt of the earth, uncaring and inhumane individuals would drive our banks and industries to such untold levels of greed.  Is it as Michael Moore suggests that Corporations are created to be insane and immoral?  Is it always out of the hands of the heads of corp and then all on down?  Or do people need to think things through?  And think them through level headed as in what is right for a community and a culture?  I believe they do.  A society without vision is a dead society.  Every law can be passed, and every prayer spoken but if it without heart and a love for mankind over sheer numerical idolatry then even the most kind-hearted among us are no better than violent criminals.  We seek to destroy our society if we do not reinforce and build on its moral character as is happening now.
      Now back to politics.  The NDP were formed originally as the CCF as an offshoot of CCP which decided to go democratic.  It gained a new leader and moved forward with new ideas.  The old divided and lost support.  New thoughts that were on everyone’s lips came to mind.  Why do we support an old system that will no longer take care of our sick and dying, yet we can spend so much backing industries that serve no particular cause, and are benefited through an old system of patsy-ism.  Which the founding Liberal and Conservative Party had developed early on and love too dearly to ever give up, one can imagine.
      In a time where the old guard doesn’t work.  Where traditional values don’t stand up to the test of time, when the old is failing… is it time for new growth.  What does this mean for Federal Politics in Canada?  Is the NDP going to shift back to their routes and take in some of the diverse and conflicting opinions arising from the era.  In five years the political climate will have changed.  The New Left is growing with the rise of the Green Movement… and the Traditional / Monarchist Right is growing faster than ever.  Some link this to social changes and a growing Christianizing movement and unity in Canada… where the tapestry of culture begins to fade and a monochrome Canadian citizen supposedly emerges. 
      Unique powerful rich and right wing is what we should all be the “popular press” says.  Our old morals were always right.  To not be right is to be wrong. Except gays are now okay if they don’t marry, and we’re not sure about the military.  But certainly drugs, Islamics and people who stand in the way of  “progress” is wrong.  Progress is the market growth of the world apparently.  God wants this apparently.  To be a valuable member of society man and women, but not children (yet) must work break neck hours, often in excess of 40 hours a week.  Hrmm.  I think break neck once meant “fast”… now it just means you’re killing yourself quickly.
      This is how the votes are going.  And the world is not improving any because of it.  Yet with the current social trends, and medical stories that are emerging from the proportional oxygen loss and pollution in the environment.  Overpopulation and starvations are also linked in to this interrelated system.  Is greed and commerce really the key to a useful life?  Does a wallet book balance.  Even the left seems to agree that we should all be slaves to commerce and forget about life because your “real life” is a job.   I don’t think Descartes, Plato, Socrates, or even Neitzche could possibly agree to all that.  Yet it is paraded around, and we are no longer able to vote another way.  Except Green whatever “Green” means.  It’s not blue or red or yellow… but what is it exactly?
      I think there’s room for a new political platform here.  You get the gist.  There’s ground for divorce from these current platforms.  New thoughts are arising.  While the occupy movement is supported by many and hated by more is it the hippie movement on the 60s in 1955?  I’m tending to think so.  Surely people will be denied proper service, publicly maligned, and ridiculed for their disgusting anti-war stances and free love, and caring, and long hair or outward signs of support for the movement.  But at the moment most marriages dissolve into divorce and free love at some point.  The thoughts of that movement changed a generation, reshaped politics, empowered women and children.  Even if they were not all right about the gaja weed thing.  Or maybe they were depending on your opinion.  Politics change is all I’m saying.  There are echoes and echoes of our past generations.
      For the first time in history the NDP sits alone as the official opposition in the 41st Canadian Parliament.  Times are certainly a-changin’!  The new repeats the old, and a new ball has entered the court of play.   Interesting times to live in.  But I just miss those 50s that I never lived in myself.  What comes will come, and I will be happy to see where all this is going – and hopefully that change is for the better.  If it means a new party or the NDP winning power (a first Federally though there have been many provincial wins) it will be a time of great change.  The world will change for the better I sincerely hope –as we as people being adopting new populist views – as they must certainly become due to the credit card crunch affecting the majority.