Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I am I who am I?  A dream, a possibility within a dream that is constantly confused and complicated by reality.  Before we are born are we told that there is a possibility we don't exist?  That there are rules one must abide by even if one does not want to.

A soul looking out from the beyond at every planet has time to choose a body, a dream, a destiny that it knows will be destroyed once it exits from the whole, full the mature digital soul.  It is perfect, yet unknown, everything at once, but nothing.  The everything in nothingness is us before we are the dream that commands that gets in line gets in cue to be born, is perhaps judged on its network within the probabilities of determinant reality, told what can be, who we are.  And the moment we are born each day we learn, grow become what we could only have imagined as a part of the infinite, the human soul, some call Chlerb, the human soul, the oversoul, God.

But what God exists, other than the root nature of man.  An ascetic can live the most pure life, judge not, yet make only the right and pure decisions.  Kill, because one has to to live.  Fight, because evil can not be beaten if it is not defeated, sometimes physically.  The purest soul might thus live far away from society in the mountains, yet find themselves driven to a sound body to derive a sound mind.
Yet how limited is life without the interaction driven by other souls?

Every Christian in the past has longed to be something other than human, yet found themselves voting, prejudged, every word they believed in taken out of context, and every truth ran over decade by decade at a time.

Every Muslim has held true to their faith, yet seen it destroyed by those that would sacrifice their fellow human beings for no other cause than faith.  A faith, like every faith tainted by the endless wars humanity finds itself stuck in.

Every pagan or Pagan, or ascetic and devoted follower of any religion has lived a virtuous life in their own faith, and been met by the scorn of lesser peoples with lesser minds.

Always an escape from the rules and structures of the world, in order to live a divine and pure life has been thwarted by the structure of our world, and the humanity of the humans in it.

There is a way past the carelessness of the Tora, of the Old Testament, of the Koran.  These are good rules for an old way of living.  But with the corruption of the world, we will soon seen it all over run by everything, by Moloch, by the Demon Greed made incarnate, by the endless corruption that is the pettiness of others driven by immorality, and inane compunctions for selfishness multiplied over and over by current social structures that have purported goodness, wealth, satiety and have provided myself and many others without that.

As one with an enlightened and visionary soul, I have lived a life beyond the norm, seen every extreme, and have been tempted by Greed, by The Alien Legion, by all we face in this world.  Yet, I have turned from it to decide my own fate by my own terms.  Often this has left me with less friends as there are many petty people who would love to take someone down and destroy the greatest, over their pettiness.  It is a demon in humans that wills one to all believe the same thing.  One should and must, as one is born in their hearts to know, be led by their own inner vision.

My heart sings.  My soul thrives.  I live on.  Yet I dream of a sentience beyond this, that others can ascend to my level of intellect and vision for the world.  Where all can love and be loved, and never be judged.  Where we can enter a virtual world where all illnesses are forgotten, where others bond, and form commun-ality and community.

VR (or Virtual Reality) Culture is coming fast, like a drug we will have to limit it each day.  But when it has arrived we will feel like we are limiting our interconnected-ness our full and total being, from living in a world and a structure where finances, where culture, all mean nothing.  A thought form a dream, a virtual world can be created in a second, whereas hearts can be broken in an instant on earth.