Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brief Update

I wrote to David Plosz aka Commissar Plosz, editor for "The Heretic" Warhammer 40k fanzine yesterday the eternal question: "When will my story come out?"  He got back to me promptly, and noted it was just a clerical error that my story had not been listed with others in a preview page.  "But rest assured, 'Gifts of the Imperium, Part 1' (the story which you supplied me with), will be serialized in it's entirety."  Look out for Issue 2 (available this Summer).

He also asked if I had other sections to send in... I believe he has 2 more sections, but I have not completed the series, so well, yah time to start writing, but the next issue will be out in June or July by the sounds of it.  The Heretic is a free zine, and issue one is out already.

The Heretic Issue 1

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Remix

Some big things are underway.  Selling the place and buying another one.  Probably down-sizing a bit, but we'll see how things go.

I don't like to plug my remixes too much all over the place.  I just put them up here on there, for my friends on facebook, old pals on lj, followers of my music on myspace... hrmmm... Oh well maybe I do.

Anyway here's another shameless plug for my music:  If you stick around here long enough I'll also plug you into my net-made-famous revised magic the gathering slivers deck, and some thoughts about Eldrazi cards and the latest block (with the final set released last Friday).  There are also some photo and writing projects currently underway.  And I have a few thoughts about string theory and why the big bang has finally been disproven.

This is my link to the TRON remix I did for the song End Of Line, up for their official remix contest.  Over the last four years plus I've composed over 80 remixes and entered many of these up for competitions.  Some epic wins, but even the fails were a learning experience... and a growth of talent.

Have a listen if you will, and if you like give me a vote...  I could use the fame of having a song released on a Daft Punk album, and that other stuff would be nice too!  I am around 629th place of 900 or so...  a few votes could go a long way!  So don't forget to vote!

I have links up to my main music site under "The Missing" at:

I also plan on posting once a week from here on in.  There is much too much going in life that is missed.  Time to start smelling the roses, pull them out of the garden, and chop off their heads like they were weeds. XP