Sunday, February 13, 2011


Just a basic background, this sight is an extension of my various Geeky and Nerdy projects involving Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 40K, and various RPGs, and videogames.  In addition to this, I plan to have some particularly nerdy Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, posted occasionally.  I'm a professional starving writer, so hopefully this will all generate some interest, and get me enough to order take out more than once or twice a year! lol!  This is a pay site, in that I would really really, I stress, reeaallly like you to click on ads for me, so that I can make a little income, and keep this project going.  The more clicks, the more I make, and thus the more Geekery will ensue!

You've heard of metrosexuals: effeminate men, you've heard of technosexuals: effeminate men into nerdy gadgets: now there's the Geektrosexual -- men not afraid to be geeky, and hide their inner nuances in a non-gender biased fashion... okay, okay Geektrosexual = effeminate geeky men!.

Hope you enjoy... don't be afraid to post feedback... I love feedback!

-- Mike Katzberg