Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Hungering Boat of Gaming -- a Satire

Something funny that I wrote today, and thought I'd share.

The Hungering Boat of Gaming

The game is canceled,
Oh woe am I to have lost the boat
what long yon wondering shore have I traveled down
upon this road of hungering tortuous misery!

I had a bag of gems before me,
as in a dream but now all that I could stand upon
what heights to reach for 5d6 upon the heavenly shore
have been lost to me!

Oh marvel have I at the marvelous universe
as if we were superheroes destined for our roles to play.
But yet forget me not, it shall be a flower to pin
upon my breast with vessels of times that were not to be.

How many have fallen before the mighty sword
or rolled upon the floor, like dice
the head's of the gallant's bane?!
Yet betide such misery
the times are young, good Yoric
I shall place thee upon the shelf
along with my vestments and tapestries
the dice, the figurines, the books, the paper
and the Mountain Dew, the cheese to melt upon my tongue.

Yet, this day shall not beshrew all of misery,
I dream of heaven and its wide arms open wide
to all who have gamed before and ever will,
and all the mighty characters in times of yore.

Bold blue Bahumat belike a bitching Buddha
But do not strike me down!
Nay while life is just a blink in the cosmos,
The dice will roll again!
Though the game today is dead,
and I must lay my sword down by my side
to rest, too long, to lay astride the horse
that destiny may yet bestride it's comeuppance upon the course of day
to save all that has been made short of the file
and strike villainous fate and misery a fell blow lo!

Though next time we meet we shall play...
the game more planned shall win the day
Long live the Day of Game!

The cancelled game day will one day be but a memory
in a tome of old shrouded under dust behind lock
and key within an ancient crypt which too
shall meet the dust of tombs and kings,
never to rise again but in the mists
of poetry and the blink of the dice.

Marvel Superhero Universe we love you
and shall yet game upon thy dainty bits
and taste the feasting morsel;
suck out the marrow of the day again.

-- Zombie Mike

                                                                        Jan 22, 2015

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