Saturday, June 16, 2012

Up And At 'Em!

I have a new round of stories going out this month, so far no love from publishers, on my best 2 short stories.  I’m throwing together a “cowboys and aliens” western story… like the movie, not the pulp magazines.  I’m having a blast with this sub-genre hidden and inveigled by the double-meaning of the writing trade.

Also I finished off 6 pro-level songs last week.  And I’m very proud of it.  I really got into the whole H.G. Wells Time Machine soundtrack thing and envisioned the deep dark culture of the Morlocks, and how it would sound deep and hollow to us, yet like love to them.  Foreign and profane, yet there is a part of all of us that would love to hide in a deep dark hole and work all day for our mentors. . . well maybe not that.  Lol!   But there is a reclusive part of all of us that acknowledges the craziness of that thought, and how it would split humanity in two if we lived in our little caves all day long.  They are part of a current contest on which has had some very prestigious contests with great prizes in the past.

The tunes can be heard on my acidplanet site:

Yeah, it would be nice to be post-human, not sure I'd choose to be a Morlock or an Eloi though... I think I'd rather be a technocrat, and end up fat an beautiful more like something out of cyberpunk, or a funny cartoon where robots do everything for us.  I think it would end up more cyberpunk in real life, but hopefully a resolution could be found eventually... the corps would eventually have to die out through some force of revolution and enlightenment in this model, something I deal with thematically in the novel I'm slowly editing at the moment.  I'm not sure time travel will be easily possible, but I take the view it is, and it gets very dark and gritty fast... like a spy movie squared perhaps.

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