Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brief Update

I wrote to David Plosz aka Commissar Plosz, editor for "The Heretic" Warhammer 40k fanzine yesterday the eternal question: "When will my story come out?"  He got back to me promptly, and noted it was just a clerical error that my story had not been listed with others in a preview page.  "But rest assured, 'Gifts of the Imperium, Part 1' (the story which you supplied me with), will be serialized in it's entirety."  Look out for Issue 2 (available this Summer).

He also asked if I had other sections to send in... I believe he has 2 more sections, but I have not completed the series, so well, yah time to start writing, but the next issue will be out in June or July by the sounds of it.  The Heretic is a free zine, and issue one is out already.

The Heretic Issue 1

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